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As a thank you for helping me reach 1000 followers, I would like to do a visual kei giveaway! Everything in these pictures is included in the giveaway:

  • 4 Royz Chekis
  • 4 Mejibray Chekis
  • Signed Messiah (Mejibray) photoset
  • Unsigned Shuuei photoset
  • Ruki’s Stuppy Poster
  • Cure V-Splash with Mejibray on the cover
  • Diaura in Vinyl Syndicate


  • you must be following me (I will check)
  • Reblogs and likes both count, and multiple reblogs will also count. 
  • Open internationally
  • No Giveaway Blogs
  • You must have your ask box open so I can send you a message if you won!
  • Please do not unfollow after the giveaway, it’s rude..

FIRST PLACE: Will receive their choice of 6 items

SECOND PLACE: Will receive their choice of 4 items

THIRD PLACE: Will receive their choice of 3 items

The giveaway will end on AUGUST 20th and remember the more you reblog, the better chance you have of winning!


♬° ✧❥✧¸.•*¨*✧♡✧ rinkly’s 1st GazettE Giveaway♬° ✧❥✧¸.•*¨*✧♡✧

Because I didn’t have a chance to give a proper welcome to my new followers and also thank you to those who still tolerate my blog until this moment, I decided to give these away.  

Winner will receive:

1. Garish room vol.9-12

2. Cassis B type

3. Fadeless Auditory Impression

4. ザクロ型の憂鬱

5. NIL (LE)

6. Black Moral VC Iphone 4/4s Case


- Must be following me

- No giveaways blog

- Only reblogs count

- Please leave your askbox open 

- I use to choose the winner

- Winner must respond within 24hr otherwise I’ll choose another one

- I’ll ship to anywhere at my own cost

This giveaway ends August 2nd 2014

I guess that’s all. If you have any question please send me a message.

Thank you and Good Luck!!!








“You fool. No man can kill me.”

How many times am I allowed to reblog this before it gets weird?


Fun facts: Tolkien constructed this scene because he came out of Macbeth thinking that Shakespeare had missed a golden opportunity with the ”Be bloody, bold, and resolute; laugh to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth” prophecy

Being letdown by Macbeth is apparently a significant factor in Tolkien’s writing because the Ent/Huorn attack on Isengard was the result of his disappointment that the whole “til Birnam Wood come to Dunsinane” thing was just some dudes holding sticks and not actual ambulatory trees.

so he basically took his favorite shakespeare headcanons and put them into his AU fic

This revelation just knocked me over.

This is awesome and I love it.

(Source: the-peoples-of-middle-earth)

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