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1) Last beverage: sleepy time green tea w honey

2) Last phone call: mum

3) Last text message: asking where the f*ck my brother ran off to when he was supposed to be helping us move some stuff.

4) Last song you listened to: Mejibray - 呼吸

5) Last time you cried: few days ago.

6) Dated someone twice:

7) Been cheated on: yes

8) Kissed someone and regretted it: yes

9) Lost someone special: yes

10) Been depressed: yes

11) Been drunk and threw up: yes.

List 3 favourite colours: purple, green, black

15) Made a new friend:

16) Fallen out of love: no

17) Laughed until you cried: frequently. have you met my brother??

18) Met someone who changed you: yes

19) Found out who your true friends are: find out rather often

20) Found out someone was talking about you: yes

21) Kissed anyone in your FB friends list: yes

22) How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life: 
like half I think

23) Do you have any pets: 4 cats: Zoey, Shadow, Lillis, Honey Awna Biscuit

24) Do you want to change your name: na

25) What did you do on your last birthday: hung out with my dad

26) What time did you wake up today: somehow my butt woke up at like 9:30…. weird.

27) What were you doing at midnight last night: getting ready for bred

28) Name something you CANNOT wait for: get [most of] my boobs chopped off

29) Last time you saw your mother: just now

30) What is one thing you would want to change in your life: better paying job

31) What are you listening to right now: Mejibray - いつか君に殺され死ねるなら

32) Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yes

33) Who is getting on your nerves right now: no one

34) Most visited webpage: facebook

35) Blood type: A+

36) Nickname: Kitty

37) Relationship status: siiiiiiiingle

38) Zodiac sign: Crab

39) Pronouns: mostly of the female orientation. i’m comfortable, thanks.

40) Elementary: loooooong time ago

41) High school: sucked

42) College: ugh

43) Hair color: poo brown, black under.

44) Long or short hair: long

45) Height: 5’3” or 160 cm 

46) Do you have a crush on someone: yes

47) What do you like about yourself: ummm… i’m nice?

48) Tattoos: 6, more planned.

49) Righty or lefty: right mostly.

50) First surgery: er……..

51) First piercing: ears

52) First best friend: girl named Christine in Kindergarten

53) First sport: soccer

54) First Vacation: on my own? Hawaii.

55) First pair of trainers: dunno

56) Eating: 
just finished a bowl of edamame

57) Drinking: nothing

58) I’m about to: go to bed

59) Listening to: Mejibray - Insomnia [I may or may not have my MejiBbys playlist on…]

60) Waiting for: to finish this so i can go to bed

61) Want kids: I have 1, and i’m DONE.

62) Get married: hell no

63) Career: I work in medical records at a hospital… buuuut it’s def NOT what I want to do…. though I doubt I’ll ever get to where I want to be. :/

64) Lips or eyes:

65) hugs or kisses: no

66) Shorter or taller: I’m little.. not many taller than me.

67) Older or younger: dafuq is the reason for these ‘which is better’???

68) Romantic or spontaneous: oh i see…. 

69) Nice stomach or nice arms: idc

70) Sensitive or loud: sensitive

71) Hook-up or relationship: no

72) Trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant

73) kissed a stranger:

74) drank hard liquor: yes

75) lost glasses/contacts: yes

76) Sex on first date: not proud of this but yes. everyone was once young and stupid.

77) Broke someone’s heart?: yes… regrets..

78) Had your heart broken: yes

79) Been arrested: yes… young and stupid

80) Turned someone down: yes

81) Cried when someone died: yes

82) Fallen for a friend: yes

83) Yourself:

84) Miracles: not particularly. 

85) Love at first sight: No

87) Santa Claus: no

88) Kiss on the first date: don’t care.

89) Angels: dunno. haven’t seen one.

90) Someone changing your life in one meet-up: yes

86) Heaven:/91) Hell: an afterlife, sure. hell? not in the general thought, no.

92) God: a higher state of being, sure.






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Capone prided himself as a man with style. If he ever killed someone himself, or one of his henchmen killed an important person, hundreds of dollars worth of flowers was sent to the funeral. In one fight between Capone’s men and another gang, an innocent woman was shot, not fatally, and required hospital treatment. Capone personally paid for all the hospital fees. He also would pay for all children’s hospital bills when he visited.

true gangsters

Not to romanticize gang violence, but why are old time street gangsters more honorable than the current shitty politicians and capitalists of this country?

that is an alarmingly accurate point you’ve just made.




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Who wouldn’t want to work at Google? The whole HQ looks like an amusement park with FREE food 24/7 & if an employee of Google dies, their spouse will receive half their pay for 10 years as well as stock benefits, and any children will receive $1000 a month till they turn 19. Source

let me tell you a story about the google headquarters

so my uncle works for google and I went down to visit him once and he took my family on a tour of the google headquarters just for fun. there was tons of cool stuff and art and a random jungle themed room and the most crazy ass 360 degree google earth screen thing you ever saw

but you’d kind of expect all that right

but then I started to notice something kind of weird

there was a weird amount of rubber ducks? like. a WEIRD amount of rubber ducks. like typical yellow ones and camo ones and huge pink ones with bows and tiny donalds and pirates of the carribean themed ducks and bejeweled ducks with no explanation on nearly every surface

so i asked my uncle why there were so many ducks and this is what he said:

"google has a suggestion box for employees to use, and one time this guy got hired at google who had previously worked for another company. the other company also had a suggestion box but they never actually listened to any of the suggestions, so the new employee assumed that google would be the same way. so as a joke, he put a suggestion in the box at he google hq that said something along the lines of "great office but needs more rubber ducks." a week later, 5000 rubber ducks arrived in the mail"

google read this guy’s bullshit suggestion about ducks

and actually listened to it


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